Friday, July 17, 2009

Jamie's sick :(

Last night I got to bed at 10:30pm, wishing it was earlier but glad to be in bed (little did I know!). Scott finished a show he was watching the living room and was about to come

to bed at 11 when he remembered that he didn't check all the doors so he was walking down the hall when he heard a weird noise from the boys room. He opened the door and yelled for me to come. I knew something was wrong and jumped out of bed. Jamie is just standing there throwing in the doorway, so I take his arm and lead him to the bathroom. I tried to make him throw up into the toilet, but he is scared and angry and very resistant so I just strip him quick and put him in the bathtub. (Very little time has actually passed at this point) and just then Scott brings Finn into the bathroom. What we figure happened based on Finn's appearance is that he and Jamie fell asleep together in Jamie's bed and when he woke up and started throwing up, he was right next to Finn. Finn's whole head was covered so we dumped him right in the bathtub too. Unfortunately he HATES baths right now and sobbed and started shaking. (What a shock the whole thing must have been to him, which hadn't even lasted 5 minutes at this point.) So they are both crying and confused since they were just asleep and I'm trying to wash them as fast as I can. Jamie starts telling me that I really hurt his feelings when I told him to go back in his room ( which was hours ago) so I'm telling them both I'm so sorry and I just want to hug them. Scott and I get them out of the tub and he takes them into the living room and turns on cartoons for them. He just hold Finn since he is still shaking and I have to get the baby because of course all the commotion woke her up! Once I get her all situated and we make sure the boys are ok we go into the room to survey the, it is really sucky to be the parents! We got all the bedding and a area rug up and into a bag to deal with later and I tried to clean up everything else so the smell would go away. Scott set up some fans so that helped a lot. It wasn't much fun since Scott and I were just sick on Tuesday and I wasn't feeling 100% yet, but I made up Jamie's bed again and went back out into the living room. Finn was fine at this point and started running around and bothering Jamie so I put him back to bed. I was going to let him sleep out there, but he wasn't going to settle down unfortunately. So I got my pillows and sent Scott to bed since he had to go to work today. I settled Jamie on his little pull out couch with a bucket and a towel and we laid down. He threw up at 2, 4, 5 and 5:30, but as of right now he might be done. He has a little fever, but seems to be feeling better since he is pestering me for little drinks of 7up. (They sure bounce back fast!) What a day for it to be Finn's 2nd birthday! I can't even believe it. I hope I can get the cupcakes made and frosted today for tomorrow and I hope Jamie is better. Kids are always interesting! The worst was at 5 he woke me up out of a dream that they were all throwing up!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Idea

Today Jamie was cutting paper, which consists of him using his safety scissors and cutting pieces of construction paper into confetti and then getting bored and leaving it all over and moving on to something else. So I look over and he has a piece of paper 2 or 3 inches long in his mouth and he is trying to cut it with his scissors. (Honestly I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!) So I tell him that maybe he shouldn't do that and he says "why?" I mentioned that I would think that would be self-evident but he just moved on to trying to hold the paper with his toes. Yesterday Finn took a empty bubble container and filled it up in the dogs water (which Jamie had already used to wash mud off his hands) and drank it. They are apparently trying to build up their immune systems, yuck! And Aurora seems to finally be interested in toys, so hopefully soon she will be able to entertain herself better :) I can't believe she is already 4 months old and Finn's birthday is next month!! Crazy!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ducati Races

Well, Scott and Jamie had a great time at the superbike races. Here is a picture of Jamie next to a Ducati that was very similar to the one Scott had (which he sold to marry me :)) when we first met. I got bored and lonely and painted Aurora's toenails...luckily mom kept me company, so I didn't go too crazy! It's hard to think right now since Finn keeps crying because I won't let him escape and Jamie keeps asking me eight million questions. The other day he said to me "Mom that would be a delight" and his new word is "actually" which would sound really cute coming from a four year old execpt that he uses it to tell me I'm wrong about something, like "Actually mommy blah blah blah." Very annoying :) I missed him a lot last weekend, execpt the peace and quiet without someone chattering all day long was nice! I really missed Scott since we haven't been apart that long for a long time. And today is our 5 year anniversary! Wow!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 month pictures

I like to see the kids pictures at the same ages, so here is a picture of all of them at roughly 3-3 1/2 months old. Aren't they cute? :) Aurora's is pretty obvious, but can you tell which is Jamie and which is Finn? Aurora is getting pretty good at rolling over and she is (except for yesterday and today) mellowing out a bit and having fun in her swing!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother's Day

The boys had a lot of fun in their new aligator pool for Mother's Day. They have started hugging each other, which is the cutest thing ever. Aurora has started smiling and cooing at us, and she is just adorable. She doesn't cry as much, but she got so spoiled because I had to hold her and calm her down from her colic that now she crys if I'm not holding her. So I walk around with a baby all day. At least she sleeps all night! It is nice to see her looking around and being interested in things, hopefully soon she'll become interested in toys and I won't have to hold her quite so much. Jamie is talking more and more grown up and it is so funny to hear sentences come out of his little mouth that sound too old for him. When I first get Aurora up in the morning he will come over to her and tell her "Rora, I miss you. My little sweetheart, I miss you so much. I love my baby Rora." It is so cute (except when he says it right in her face and makes her mad!) As you can see running around all day on Mother's Day wore Finn right out! He fell asleep in his highchair at 7pm, it was so cute! He is talking more and more, but so different than Jamie. He says many words, especially that start with a B. Like ball, block, blue (for blues clues), balloon (they all sound very similar), he also says "Da" for daddy, "be" for baby, more and mommy both sound the same, the other day he said shoe (he LOVES shoes and will walk around with one shoe on for the day if that is all he can find, even if it's not his shoe and if I don't help him with it he crys) and dog. The funny thing is that he won't talk if you ask him to, he only says it when he wants to. He mainly labels things, pointing and saying it's name. It is so important to Jamie to be the center of attention that when we asked him to say things, he always did to get the attention, but Finn doesn't care. He just mainly ignores you until you get really annoying and then he shakes his head and says "nnnn" it's funny. Now I have to show him what I am going to feed him and he vetos everything until I come up with something he wants. He used to just eat everything, it was so nice! And Jamie still lives off chocolate milk and frozen go-gurts. I don't know where he gets his energy from!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Pictures

Well, we took the kids to get their Easter Pictures, Jamie's Birthday and pictures of Aurora last Friday. Sometimes it scares me how cute my kids are. Of course, it is purely a survival instinct. Who knows how long they would last if they couldn't bat their ridiciously long eyelashes at me? Aurora was up until 3am again last night, so it must not have been her diaper rash. Or the milk I was drinking, so I will start putting that back in my diet carefully (Yipee!!!) I sure hope I figure it out soon since I tend to be very cranky without my sleep. On the phone today I asked Scott how many kids he expected to come home to today :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're still here :)

Well, I'm sure everyone is shocked that I haven't been posting everyday, since I haven't been working and all, but we've been a little busy. Last Thursday at 10:50 or so Aurora was crying (imagine that!) and I thought I heard a noise in the backyard over it, so I asked Scott if he heard something too. He grabbed his "Little Flashlight", which is what he calls this huge flashlight that could flag down an airplane and went to check it out. I was trying to calm the baby down, but thought I should follow in case he needed me and he was coming back down the hall with the strangest look on his face. What had happened was that all the rain had soaked the wood in our patio cover and made it so heavy that the nails holding it onto the house had just pulled out of the wood! It crashed down on our glass table out there and broke it and who knows what else, since we can't really tell yet. Luckily the dog was in his doghouse at the time and is ok. But thank God it happened at night when the kids weren't out there. So we can't get out the sliding door for right now and are in the middle of the homeowners insurance and getting quotes from contractors...just what everyone needs with a month old baby, right??? Plus after her two week check up where she was doing great and I was picturing actually getting some sleep soon she came down with a diaper rash and started crying all the time. I've cut all milk out of my diet (which is really terrible, since I LOVE milk!) and changed diapers and diaper creams and use cotton balls to change her and all that stuff. I think it is finally getting better and she seems to be crying less, but I will have to take her to the dr if it doesn't clear up soon. So I am getting no sleep and nothing done since she wants to be held all the time. Plus the boys have figured out that when they are mad at each other they can hit and/or bite the other one! Yipee for me!!! So there is lots of crying contstantly here :) Last night we had Hamburger Helper (yum :(!) and I was feeding Finn spoonfuls while trying to eat myself and hold Aurora when she started screaming for no apparent reason, so I put the bowl down and tried to calm her down. Finn didn't like that so he tried to get it and I blocked him with my arm. The little monkey bit me! And left teethmarks!!!! (When I showed Scott he couldn't stop laughing) He really likes Hamburger Helper, I guess! So that is what is going on here, hopefully the boys will stop trying to kill each other (yeah, right!) and the babies rash will clear up and I can get some sleep!!!